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After Helping Others with Cancer and Other Illnesses, Jacquelyn Found Herself in Need of Assistance

Jacquelyn was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, a particularly aggressive form of cancer in June of 2022. In less than six months, her cancer grew and doubled in size so she began six rounds of chemotherapy that November. The following March, she had a lumpectomy in which doctors removed lumps from her left arm, and during the surgery they found cancer in her left breast. That is where, she says, her journey truly began. Upon learning of her diagnosis, Jacquelyn was shocked. “I had just gotten used to having lumpy breasts. When the diagnosis came back, it was quite a shocker.”

After spending a significant portion of her career in healthcare helping others in need, Jacquelyn now found herself in a situation where she was the one needing help. She retired from her job when she got sick and soon found herself in a situation where insurance was not covering the cost for all her treatments. That’s when she reached out to West Cancer Foundation, an organization she was already very familiar with.

“A few months before I retired, I referred someone to West Cancer Foundation for help and she was able to obtain all the things she needed. I could see how much joy it truly brought her. Then, a few months later, I had to personally use the same service. It was a double blessing because I got a chance to see how it immediately helped a friend but also helped me. I am so grateful for that.”

Jacquelyn reached out to West Cancer Foundation for help acquiring a lymphedema sleeve — something her insurance didn’t cover. These medical compression garments help alleviate the painful symptoms associated with the condition which causes swelling in the lymph glands. “I reached out to West Cancer Foundation and found out that they were there for me, ready to provide this critical item. It really made a difference.”

To learn more about free lymphedema compression garments from West Cancer Foundation, please visit:

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