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West Cancer Foundation is committed to supporting those facing cancer in our community. We are proud to be able to partner with other organizations to ensure that cancer patients and their families have the resources and support they need. Below are a few resources to provide support and assistance when facing cancer.

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Name Website Phone Description
American Cancer Society’s Harrah’s Hope Lodge American Cancer Society’s Harrah’s Hope Lodge 901-524-5500 The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Program provides a free home away from home to cancer patients and their caregivers who are traveling to seek treatment. More than just a roof over their heads, it is a nurturing community that helps patients access the care they need. Patients staying at a Hope Lodge must be in active cancer treatment and reside more than 40 miles away from their cancer treatment center.
Facing cancer isn’t easy, but LivingWith™ may help LivingWith™ LivingWith™ is a free app developed by Pfizer Oncology for people living with cancer and those who love them. Designed to help you connect with loved ones, ask for the support you need, remember important information from doctors’ visits and stay organized, all in one place.
Cancer Support Groups West Cancer Center No one should have to face cancer alone. There are various support groups in the community to help support you and your loved ones through a cancer journey. There are groups for men, for women, for caregivers, and for specific cancer types. Find the one that is right for you.
American Cancer Society Reach to Recovery Reach To Recovery | American Cancer Society 1-800-227-2345 Through our website and mobile app, you can create an online profile and match with a volunteer who has experienced a similar type of breast cancer, stage, and treatment. You can also choose how you want to connect with a volunteer – through online chat, a phone call, or exchanging messages.
Imerman Angels Imerman Angels 866-463-7626 We connect cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers to Mentor Angels, cancer confidantes with similar stories and experiences. Our unique matching process is done by real people, not a system with an algorithm.
Young Survival Coalition Young Adults Facing Breast Cancer Together | Young Survival Coalition | Home 877-972-1011 Young Survival Coalition (YSC) strengthens the community, addresses the unique needs, amplifies the voice and improves the quality of life of young adults affected by breast cancer, locally, nationally and internationally.
Living Beyond Breast Cancer Helpline Breast cancer resources, real stories, and support you need | LBBC 888-793-9355 Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a national nonprofit that connects people with trusted information and a community of support.
Cactus Cancer Society Cactus Cancer Society: Young Adult Cancer Resources For Info email: Cactus Cancer Society’s mission is to provide a safe space where young adults (ages 18-45) facing cancer can connect, cope, and thrive with one another in an online community through creativity and expression. Our vision is to end isolation among young adults facing cancer.
Breast Cancer Support Group-Thrivership Program 901-226-3585 We offer several cancer support groups and networks for our patients and their families including The Flyng Colors Cancer Network and Hope Circle.
Men’s Cancer Support Group- Thrivership Program 901-226-3585
Caregiver Support Group- Thrivership Program 901-683-0055
Caregiver 101 Comfort for Cancer Caregivers Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite 901-226-0810 Comfort for caregivers support group is open to anyone providing care for a loved one with cancer to share and process together in a safe space. This monthly group provides a chance to connect with others going through similar experiences.
Carin and Sharin Support Group Carin’ and Sharin’ ( 901-484-9624 Our mission is to provide education, support and an outlet for socialization to individuals living with breast cancer through Carin and Sharin. It is simply unacceptable for any women to suffer with breast cancer alone. Initial efforts were concentrated on African American women but efforts have expanded to assist women of all races and men.
Herb Kosten Pancreatic Cancer Support Group Herb Kosten Foundation – Memphis TN Pancreatic Cancer Support 901-832-4782 Herb Kosten Pancreatic Cancer Support Group meets the second Saturday of each month from 10:15 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. at the Cordova Public Library located at 8457 Trinity Road. The support group is open and free to all with no RSVP or registration required.
Rainbow of hope Men & Women Cancer Support Group 901-550-8532
STAARS (Surviving Thriving African-American Rallying Support Group) STAARS of Memphis | A Community Health Service ( 901-319-9099 Our mission is to educate, encourage and empower breast cancer survivors and co-survivors and to be visible and vocal in the fight against breast cancer.
Life Solutions- Thriving with Cancer Bellevue Baptist Church | Memphis, TN 901-347-2000
Multiple Myeloma Support UT Medical Center | Knoxville TN | Facebook 865-305-9000
Cancer Support Group Welcome Home | Mission Church | Memphis ( 901-762-0071
American Cancer Society: Man2Man Prostate Cancer of Survivor 1-800-227-2345 With the help of medical professionals and advocates, this group fosters greater discussions on the topic of prostate cancer. Men “suffering in silence” had gone on far too long and Man2Man’s goal is to break this cycle by providing life-altering awareness about prostate cancer and to provide resources available for its management.
American Cancer Society: Circle of Survivor 1-800-227-2345 Through our secure Reach To Recovery website and app, you can create an online profile and match with trained volunteers based on your diagnosis and treatment options.
Thyroid Cancer(ThyCa) Support Group Memphis For Info
Kirkland Cancer Center: Cancer Support Group Alice and Carl Kirkland Cancer Center – West Tennessee Healthcare ( 731-541-9561
Kirkland Cancer Center: Look Good, Feel Better 731-541-9561
Kirkland Cancer Center: Ostomy Support Group Colorectal Surgery – West Tennessee Healthcare ( to ostomy FAQ) 731-541-6985
Faith in the Face of Cancer Sam Holmes West Cancer Center Volunteer 901-486-7454
Thyroid Cancer(ThyCa) Support Group Tupelo 662-401-2071 ThyCa has special virtual interest support groups that meet regularly via Zoom or other online discussion tools. These groups are free and open to anyone affected by a situation related to the special interest. These groups may also provide support by phone and email.
St. Bernards Cancer Center Support Group St. Bernards Healthcare | Jonesboro ( 870-207-7300
NEA Baptist Foundation Hope Circle Support Group 870-936-8479 HopeCircle provides a community of hope and support, free of charge, for families living with a life changing illness.
Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation Support Group 1-800-338-1383 The support groups sponsored by the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation, known as the Peer Network, meet every third Tuesday of the month at 6pm CST virtually and in-person in Little Rock. The mission of the Peer Network is to empower and reassure individuals going through any stage of prostate cancer, their families, and survivors.


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