Raise Your Voice to Help Raise Funds for Deserving Nonprofits

By Rhonda Causie Director of Research, Grants & Strategy West Cancer Foundation Young and old, with little or much, Americans are generous people. We share, we volunteer, and we give with purpose to causes that help others and make the world a better place. In 2022, the generosity of Americans totaled just under $5 billion, […]

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Memphis Artist Brings Hope and Harmony to Those Suffering from Cancer

For Memphis artist Ken Lecco, giving back to local charities has been part of his art career since he first began more than 15 years ago. From the very beginning, he has donated his custom works of art to charitable auctions in order to raise money for great causes including March of Dimes, Hope House, […]

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Working Hard Helped Emily Survive Cancer, and Now Her Company is a West Fight On Sponsor

For Emily, being diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer wasn’t a reason to stop working as the funeral director at Memphis Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens in order to undergo treatment. Instead, it was a source of inspiration to continue working to help others. It was her work and the unwavering support from her employer […]

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For Ben Fields, Giving Back is His Passion

You might say Ben Fields is committed to cancer – volunteering and raising money to beat cancer, that is. It’s true that he’s a cancer survivor, and for that he is very grateful. But long before he was diagnosed with cancer, he was raising money for cancer care in our community and it’s that commitment […]

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Never-Give-Up Attitude Keeps Amy Going

Those of us who haven’t had cancer can only imagine what it must be like to live with an uncertain future, day in and day out, not to mention the physical toll of the treatments, side effects and how cancer changes every single thing in your life. To face each day with a can-do attitude […]

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Patient Spotlight

Post-Mastectomy Assistance Gave Hope to Cindy Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991 at the age of 32. She had noticed that her breasts were still sore after her monthly cycle had ended, so she thought it was worth checking out. She went in for a mammogram on a Wednesday and the technician noticed […]

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