On Saturday, September 30, 2023, the Ride 2 Rosemary℠ team of more than 60 cyclists will depart on their annual five-day, 525-mile journey from Germantown, Tennessee to Rosemary Beach, Florida. Now in its 13th year, these men have participated in this charitable cycling event to promote cancer awareness and raise funds for the fight against cancer. Ride 2 Rosemary℠ advocates a healthy, active lifestyle and supports the mission of West Cancer Foundation.

West Cancer Foundation is grateful to the Ride 2 Rosemary℠ team for their generosity and commitment to the fight against cancer. If you would like to support this group in their fundraising, please make a donation via the link below.


Ben Ladd
Brad Adkins
Brad Malone
Braden Duffey
Bryant Funston
Bryon Jones
Chad Douglas
Cole McDaniel
Collin Johnson
Chad Terry
Christopher Mueller
Chuck Bolton
Dale Sanford
David Ax
David Clark
David Collins
David LaVelle
David Ozier
David Simmons
Derek Hosey
Dylan Kail
Dwayne Accardo
Elijah Pugh
Forrest Owens
Frank Lamanna
Frazer Gieselmann
Freddie Nalos
Gary Thompson
Greg Baumgartner
Hart Robinson
Jeff Rosenblum
Jig Deneve
Jim Wilder
Joe Wilson
John Kakales
John McCann
John Russell
John Walker
Jon Ewing
Justin Luy
Keith Merriman
Kevin Gautreaux
Kyle Struzyk
Logan Welch
Lukas Hooper
Matt Hayden
Michael Ort
Nik Hagedorn
Patrick Moore
Patrick Nix
Pat Williams
Pete Sully
Phillip Young
Richie Fletcher
Reid Garrett
Rob Park
Robert Henson
Scott Newberry
Tim Nicholls
Todd Hickman
Todd Tillmanns
Tony Rowland
Trey Chitman
William Merriman
Walker Sudduth
Will Parrish


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