Our Mission

To break through barriers to cancer care and improve patient outcomes by providing accessible patient resources, early detection and education, and community-based research.

Our Vision

Shaping oncology research and education so that cancer is no longer a burden for future generations.

Our Core Values


Create a culture of collaboration by partnering with organizations that have shared visions and are committed to changing health inequities and leave a lasting impact by removing barriers to cancer care


Respect all people, communities, and cultures while capitalizing on the richness inherent in our differences


Pursue opportunities that bring to light the most innovative and highest quality protocols producing tangible and lasting results in the fight against cancer


Honor all stakeholders by being socially and financially responsible; always respect the path donors took to achieve wealth with the appreciation that philanthropy is the giving of talent and time.

Inspired by the work of Dr. William H. West, we are steadfast in our commitment to be bold and innovative in the way we fight cancer.

Compassionate patient support and the overall health of our community are cornerstones of our mission. We are committed to fighting cancer in every corner of our community.


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