West Cancer Foundation Board of Directors

Jenny Mallery Vergos

Agent, Marx-Bensdorf

Jenny currently serves as West Cancer Foundation Board’s Marketing Committee Chair and sits on the Executive Committee as well. In September of 2020, she retired after almost 30 years of selling outdoor advertising and embarked on a new career selling residential real estate for Marx-Bensdorf Realtors.

A native Memphian, she was raised by a single mother who owned her own real estate firm and was an early pioneer for females in the business. Unfortunately, her connection to cancer began with her late husband, Nick Vergos’, diagnosis of State Four Lung Cancer in December 2018.  She is grateful to West Cancer Center and Dr. Kurt Tauer for the care received. After he passed, she felt it was her duty to lend her skills to the Foundation Board to further their mission to assist with underserved initiatives and support research and education.

Jenny was first married to Larry Mallery and had two sons – Britt and Cole. Eighteen years ago, Larry died unexpectedly of a heart attack.  A year later, she was introduced to Nick, they married, and successfully blended her children with Nick’s three, Nicholas, Reed, and Cecile.


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