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Cancer patients in our community need you.

This morning, right here in our own community, a woman woke up worrying. She has late stage breast cancer that has begun to spread. She is worrying about how she will find a ride to see her doctor. She is concerned about what her most recent test results will show. Her cancer was diagnosed late because she couldn’t afford annual mammograms without health insurance. She is in debilitating pain because of the lymphedema in her arm causing tissue damage. All of these worries are only made worse because she lost her job due to the current pandemic.

She is worrying, “What does this mean for my children? Will they someday face cancer too? Is there any hope?”

Yes, there is HOPE! Together with West Cancer Foundation, YOU can give hope to cancer patients. Hope they will never have to worry about getting to the doctor. Hope that research will find better treatments soon. Hope for a world in which future generations will not have to face cancer.

Cancer is relentless, but so is our commitment to helping cancer patients and funding the treatments of tomorrow. What will YOU give to help?

With sincere gratitude,

P.S. Isn’t it a wonderful time of year to give hope? Hope for cancer patients today and hope for a brighter future for future generations.

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