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The DeAngelo Williams Foundation to Fund 106 Mammograms for Uninsured or Underinsured Memphians with Grant to West Cancer Foundation

The DeAngelo Williams Foundation doubled their donation to West Cancer Foundation, providing 106 mammograms to women in need with their 53 Strong for Sandra initiative

MEMPHIS, TENN., November 4, 2021 –West Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to advance the fight against cancer through research, education, patient support, and community outreach, announced today a donation to provide 106 mammograms to underserved women in the Greater Memphis area by The DeAngelo Williams Foundation.

In recent years and in other states, The DeAngelo Williams foundation has provided grants for 53 uninsured or underinsured women to receive mammograms under the initiative 53 Strong for Sandra. The grant awarded to West Cancer Foundation this year to fund 106 mammograms doubles the number of women who will be able to receive a mammogram in Memphis. The 53 Strong for Sandra initiative was created by Williams’ Foundation to honor his mother who passed away at age 53 after battling breast cancer.

“At our September board meeting Risalyn Williams, the Executive Director of The DeAngelo Williams Foundation, surprised us by announcing they weren’t funding 53 mammograms this year, but had decided to double the grant to fund 106 mammograms,” said Leighanne Hart Soden, West Cancer Foundation Executive Director. “We are overwhelmed with gratitude and cannot thank DeAngelo, Risalyn, and The DeAngelo Williams Foundation enough. We are so grateful for our hometown hero and Tiger football legend for his continued efforts to help us with our mission to advance the fight against cancer and provide supportive care to patients.”

The DeAngelo Williams Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and seek initiatives to support the eradication of breast cancer through preventative care and research. Since its founding in 2006, the foundation has raised an immeasurable amount of awareness and stirred up two-way conversations about breast cancer, on and off the football field.

“We are proud to be able to bring 106 mammograms to women in need within the Memphis area this year through this partnership with West Cancer Foundation,” said DeAngelo Williams. “We are making these services accessible to an underserved group at a time of great need. During the Covid pandemic, mammography screenings were seen as an elective service, and we want to continue to remind people of the importance of an annual mammogram.”

The best protection against breast cancer is early detection, and as part of their mission to advance the fight against cancer, West Cancer Foundation funds a Breast Cancer Screening Program to offer free screenings and education to those who are uninsured or underinsured and have an income at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty threshold.

In addition to breast screenings, West Cancer Foundation offers other programs including the Lymphedema Assistance Program, Online Wig Boutique, Patient Transportation, Post-Mastectomy Assistance, and Research and Fellowship Programs at University of Memphis and University of Tennessee Health Science Center. To learn more about West Cancer Foundation,

Left to Right:Risalyn Williams, Executive Director, The DeAngelo Williams Foundation; DeAngelo Williams, Founder & President, The DeAngelo Williams Foundation; Leighanne Hart Soden, Executive Director, West Cancer Foundation; Vivian Tyler, Community Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, West Cancer Foundation.


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About West Cancer Foundation:

West Cancer Foundation is inspired by the work for Dr. William H. West who felt that he received a commission to perform his life’s work when his mother, Margaret West, died after her battle with breast cancer.

The West Cancer Foundation’s mission is to advance the fight against cancer through research, education, patient support, and community outreachwith the vision to shape oncology research and education so that cancer is no longer a burden for future generations.West Cancer Foundation funds programs that address the West Cancer Foundation core values of community, diversity, discovery, and stewardship. The programs West Cancer Foundation currently funds are Breast Screenings, Lymphedema Assistance, Post-Mastectomy Assistance, Online Wig Boutique, Patient Transportation, and Research and Fellowship Programs at University of Memphis and University of Tennessee Health Science Center. For more information visit

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