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High School Senior Raises Funds in Honor of Grandmother

High school senior, Karagan, used a school assignment to raise funds for West Cancer Foundation and honor her grandmother who is currently facing cancer. Karagan worked with her grandmother to design a t-shirt to sell and raise funds. The front of the t-shirt said simply, “It is well.” and the back of the shirt had a cancer awareness ribbon on it. She sold shirts in various colors and said that the response was amazing. She even ended up having to ship shirts to other states. When Karagan and her mom showed up for the check presentation, Karagan brought the following letter explaining why she decided to support West Cancer Foundation. Thank you, Karagan for your support. We are sure that your grandmother is so proud of you!

“Dear West Cancer Foundation,

Hi, my name is Karagan and I will be a freshman at Harding University in the fall. I went to high school at Harding Academy. This past year I was assigned a project where I got to choose to do anything as long as I was learning and helping others.

A couple of months before I was assigned this project my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer. She has been working with Dr. Reed who has been so wonderful through all of this chaos. She had major surgery and was in the hospital very sick for weeks. Finally she was able to recover from home. She gets her treatment at West Cancer Center and has loved all of the people who have been working with her.

For my project, I wanted to honor my grandmother, but also give back. I spent 8 weeks designing a t-shirt with my grandmother and selling them to raise money for West Cancer Foundation. This little school project turned into a learning experience that I will forever be grateful for. I ended up raising $2,000. I am very thankful to everyone who has helped my grandmother. I want to donate this in honor of my beautiful grandmother and as a thank you for everyone who has taken care of her.”

Sincerely, Karagan

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