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Join us as we embark on a journey of hope.

Dear Friends,

Together we give hope.

We are living in unprecedented times as the COVID 19 pandemic wages war on our communities leaving fear and uncertainty in its wake. Although the world around us is changing rapidly in response to this crisis, one thing remains the same– cancer patients need your help. Cancer does not care about a pandemic, people are still being diagnosed with cancer every single day. With economic uncertainty and loss of health insurance, cancer patients are vulnerable and need access to support and services that only you can help provide.

To give hope to a community already plagued with disparities, and in response to the even greater need being brought by the pandemic, we have formed West Cancer Foundation. For more than 40 years, the West name has been synonymous with compassionate cancer care and innovative research. West Cancer Foundation is taking the next step in fighting cancer by investing in research and education, patient support, and promoting the overall health of our community.

Thanks to the generosity and vision of a group of community leaders, West Cancer Foundation will fill the void for not only helping those dealing with cancer but advocating for the prevention of cancer and the funding of critical cancer research.

For too long, many in our community have been told to seek help outside of Memphis for treatment. Now is the time to come together, fund key research and seek collaboration from all who are involved in fighting cancer right here in Memphis. Your gifts will be made available to those who want community wide partnerships to ultimately save lives.

Please join West Cancer Foundation as we embark on this journey of hope.


Steve Wishnia
West Cancer Foundation
Leighanne Soden
Executive Director
West Cancer Foundation

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