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June 2023

 Total Health Awards $158,250 to West Cancer Foundation

Total Health, the largest provider of free oncology continuing medical education in the country, has awarded more than $158,000 to West Cancer Foundation to help further the foundation’s mission to provide cancer care for the underserved in our community.

Total Health provides in-person and virtual educational program to equip cancer care teams with the latest research and strategies to improve patient outcomes. “We are profoundly grateful for Total Health’s immense generosity in supporting our mission of providing cancer care for the underserved,” said Leighanne Soden, Executive Director of West Cancer Foundation. “The extraordinary gift allows us to transform lives today and forge a legacy of compassion and healing. Together we will make a profound difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.”

 Calling All Survivors to Celebrate Your Cancer Crew

As anyone who’s been diagnosed with cancer knows, having cancer and going through treatment is not a solitary endeavor. Obviously, a full team of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and medical technicians are required to walk alongside a patient as they receive treatment. But family, friends, neighbors and even strangers – including the caring team at West Cancer Foundation – are also pivotal in helping a cancer patient stay positive and get through what, for most, is the biggest challenge they’ll ever face.

Every patient has their cancer crew, and we encourage all survivors to invite their crew to West Fight On, Sept 9, at Shelby Farms, to celebrate the incredible support these individuals provide to cancer patients. Come walk, run or bike to honor the survivors and supporters who are showing how to beat cancer and live victoriously.

Ben Fields: Fundraiser, Soldier in the War Against Cancer

Seems like nothing’s going to get in the way of 83-year-old Ben Fields and his relentless dedication to raise money to help beat cancer. “Of everything I’ve accomplished in my life, it’s my volunteer work in the fight against cancer that I’m most proud of. West Cancer Foundation is truly changing the lives of Memphis cancer patients in need. It’s my privilege to give back so that the foundation can do more,” said Fields. Read more about his inspiring commitment to give back in our latest blog.

Feeling Whole Gave Francis Hope

After both her sisters tested positive for the BRCA2 genetic mutation, Francis also tested positive. And when both sisters were diagnosed with breast cancer, with one tragically losing her life to the disease, Francis decided to have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. When she couldn’t afford the prosthesis and bras, West Cancer Foundation was there to help. The foundation paid for these critically important items that Francis needed to help her feel like the powerful woman she is. “This program benefitted me at an important time in my cancer recovery. It has helped me to feel whole and complete as a woman and a human being.” Francis G.

 Genetic Sequencing Helps Direct Cancer Treatment

The positive power of genetic sequencing strikes again…this time in cancer treatment. Research shows that conducting genetic sequencing on cancer tumors can yield important information and guidelines on the patient’s cancer treatment. The sequencing looks for genetic mutations that can direct treatment, and in some cases, gives patients more hope for a longer life after diagnosis. The concept of matching tumor and patient genetic mutations with treatments has gained momentum over the last decade. Even still, most cancer patients don’t pursue genetic sequencing. A study published recently at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting in Chicago shows that just 7% of patients who meet criteria to have their own genes sequenced actually do so.


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