“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”


Schwartzberg Lee
“Clinical research advances cancer care – we have lifesaving drugs today because researchers and volunteer patients participated in clinical trials. Patients in Memphis and the Mid-South have access to the latest therapies because of our testing tradition. Through research funded by this endowment, the best ideas will continue to guide clinical trials and provide ongoing access to cancer studies.”

Dr. Lee S. Schwartzberg

West Cancer Foundation has established the Lee S. Schwartzberg Endowed Research Program to continue the legacy and research of oncology pioneer Dr. Lee S. Schwartzberg.

Dr. Schwartzberg has been instrumental in developing internationally recognized clinical research and innovative treatment protocols for cancer. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Schwartzberg:

  • Performed the first peripheral blood stem cell transplant in Memphis and one of the first in the nation
  • Established the Mid-South’s first comprehensive program for genetic counseling and testing
  • Founded the American Community Oncology Research Network (ACORN)
  • Co-developed the first distributed system for digitally collecting patient symptoms

Please join West Cancer Foundation in raising $3 million dollars to continue the work of this inspiring cancer-care hero.

The endowment will fund research projects focused on cancer treatments, patient-centered and value-based care, and factors that lead to disparities in outcomes which are so prevalent in our community.

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