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When Marina’s Cancer Affected her Eyesight, Getting to and from Her Doctors’ Appointments Became a Struggle

For Marina, having cancer impacted more than just her health, it impacted her daily life. Once Marina’s cancer spread to her eyes, it affected her vision which prevented her from driving. As an elderly woman who lives alone without reliable transportation, she knew she needed a resource to get to and from her numerous doctors’ appointments and treatments.

Then she learned about West Cancer Foundation’s free transportation program. “I was so happy when I learned the Foundation could provide me rides to and from my appointments. It makes my life a lot easier. You never know when your appointments are going to be, or how long they are, so the transportation services are extremely useful to me. I just call up and book a car, easy as that. I love how easy the Foundation has things set up.”

West Cancer Foundation provides cancer patients in need with free rides to and from their various medical appointments and treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation treatments; physical therapy; visits to procure post-surgery prostheses; post-mastectomy and lymphedema garments; and visits to our Sweet Wig Beauty Boutique where they can select a free wig. Free transportation is also provided to help women get free breast cancer screenings and mammograms.

Missing a cancer appointment can significantly affect recovery outcomes. Through grants and generous donations, all cancer patients in our community have access to complimentary transportation to and from their appointments, regardless of where they are being treated. For just $76, you can provide a roundtrip ride to a cancer patient in need.

Knowing West Cancer Foundation was there for her made Marina feel “extremely lucky for the first time in a long time.”

If you or someone you know needs a ride, click here to learn more.

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